According to the dictionary, that is presented with all its original properties and components.

I believe it goes a little further, I believe is the use of food in its entirety whenever possible. Avoid waste is to be integral, it is to understand the need to recycle, reuse, review concepts and habits, be sustainable.

In my family it is customary to cultivate our own food, this week saw a report in a news large audience, showing that more and more people are seeking information and adhering to plant their own food even in basements of buildings using artificial lighting, some as a form of therapy, others because they know the benefits brought by the consumption of organic food.

We live in a tropical country, where it reaps all too easily, but wasted more than half of all that is produced, is still in the field, transport, storage or winning on the shelves. According to Akatu, the planet produces enough food to feed 12 billion people, but almost 900 million people live in food insecurity. So if we reduce waste by at least half, we would have doubled the supply of food, which would drop prices and more people have access.

The numbers are scandalous and are camouflaged, especially for old consumer habits that despise stems and bark that could be used, leaves and bruised fruit, bread leftovers, rice and beans.

According to Embrapa, 19 million people could be fed with discarded food. Still according to the organ wastage occurs mainly during the preparation of meals.

Better plan your menu, buy only what is necessary and not just because it is on offer, it is to seek a more balanced nutrition, not to face problems as overweight, according to the Ministry of Health, reaches 50% of the population.

This issue is very complex and includes several problems, from child hunger, to ecological problems. If we can do something, however small, come on, it is our duty as citizens. No wonder that great Chef’s are seeking sustainable cuisine, giving importance to “homemade” products, using spices before seen as exotic, studying and developing new recipes PANCS (unconventional food plants).

The world is full of intolerance, belly and heart, depends on each of us have more love, more health, more happiness, in short, be more INTEGRAL.

Written matter for the newspaper “A Cidade Ubatuba”