We live in an age where information is available 24 hours and the scope of any individual in a flash, over the internet.

The problem is that not all such information is correct, since anyone can publish content without censorship, correctness, truthfulness, and most often without the slightest concern for the spelling, but that’s a topic for another time .. .

Working with various partners professionals: doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, physical education teachers and constantly hear stories of people who only resorted to professionals after failed attempts by following some sort of recipe or diet the internet, the most recent case was a businesswoman who He managed to stay anemic just eating sweet potatoes and boiled eggs.

Food is very serious, from quantity to quality, everything counts and directly affects your mental and physical performance.

I have a great pleasure to work with organic food, unfortunately this is not an affordable reality for the majority of the population, which would be ideal … Trade responds directly to the concerns of society for this reason each of us can help make the difference. If we start consuming foods with more quality, we will create a greater demand causing the supply of these products increase, and their prices will be lower.

My job as a chef is beyond create or follow recipes, concern for the health of my client begins even before buying the ingredients. Is for health reasons, where there any dietary restrictions, or just to maintain a high gourmet standard in preparation, there are precautions that should be observed at the time of handling to avoid contaminating the food and also the maintenance that must be done following a series of health recommendations.

If you want to know more details about this care, look for the site www.anvisa.gov.br.

Many people overlook the periodic review of the vehicle and end up spending triple the value to repair after breaking ends fatally. Our body does not have spare parts so easily, so do not wait until your body collapse to try to reverse the process, work to prevent, do regular checkups, exercise and need to make any kind of food re-education look for a qualified professional.

 Written matter for the newspaper “A Cidade Ubatuba”