It is known that a lot is learned by example. Since children people who live and reproduce what they see within their cultures taking with them wherever they pass. Unfortunately, in the rush of modern times practicality may end up dying out good practice that older performed so naturally.

The gastronomic universe evolved in many ways, today we can create unlimited dining experiences from the trivial to the extremely eccentric and unusual. Embark on any culinary experience with the same passion as I do not see myself doing anything else in life, but always applying what I learned from such examples as I will mentionbelow, who value the quality, sustainability and love for the act of to cook.

In Brazil we have several institutions working to understand how important it is to know what you eat, cook with consciousness and destroy the waste. The most recent example of how sustainability deserves to be treated as a priority, emerged from a partnership with a Brazilian NGO, Gastromotiva and a large Italian Chef Massimo Bottura, where several chefs devoted worldwide cooking with ingredients from leftovers (which would go to waste ) the Olympic Village Park in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics, to feed about 5,000 people who have nothing to eat.

You can not ignore something so important and throw away the “leftovers” from the previous day or even leave food on the plate frequently. It may not look it, but every little act, added to the thousands rather makes a difference. Believe in the power of example, use tools such as the internet to explore the potential of these leftovers and feed the world with the hope of a future without hunger.

Rice’s left? Make a healthy and different from rice dumpling …


2 cups cooked rice

½ carrot, grated

1 onion

2 eggs

50g grated parmesan

2 tablespoons cornstarch

Parsley and chives to taste

Salt and dried spices to taste

Olive oil

Method of preparation:

Cut the onion in not too thin crescents, cook over low heat in a skillet with a little oil until golden. Add the onion, grated carrot and parsley and chopped chives, let it cook for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and put everything in a bowl and add the rice, Parmesan, salt and seasoning. Finally place the eggs and cornstarch, mix well. Grease the skillet, then clean with oil, let heat and place two tablespoons of the mixture and flatten with the back of spoon, to stay with hamburger format. Let brown each side by about 2 or 3 minutes. Serve the dumplings with a nice salad and good appetite. This recipe yields an average of 4 cookies.

Written matter for the newspaper “A Cidade Ubatuba”