This recipe learned from my mother. At the time did not have that name, it was called “Oven Nhoque” or “Nhocão”.

Today, known as Hidden Little Chicken (Escondidinho de Frango), became popular and won several versions of pasta made with pumpkin, cassava, potatoes or sweet potatoes. The fillings also have diversified, the traditional Bolognese sauce made room for a variety of combinations such as chicken breast, dried meat, cod, vegetables …



4 medium potatoes Spanners
300g breast chicken fillet
4 tomatoes (Italian or Deborah)
100g Japanese Broccoli
2 spoons of soup Cream Cheese Milk or Cream
1 margarine spoon
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic
Parmesan Cheese

Method of preparation: 

Sauce – Make a homemade sauce of tomatoes (recipe here) and put the seasonings to taste. After the steak cooked and shredded chicken, broccoli and 2 ladles of water cooked the chicken. Put a pinch of sugar to help eliminate the acidity of the tomatoes and let ascertain for about 10 minutes or until thicken.

Pasta – Cook the potatoes if you prefer to peel and remove them later. Knead all with the help of a blender or a fork potatoes in a bowl. Add the cream cheese (or sour cream), margarine, 2 tablespoons Parmesan and salt to taste, mix well until smooth and creamy mass.

Assembly – can be in a glass refractory (+/- 30 cm by 20 cm) or “bowls” individual 250g. Make a layer at the bottom with the mass (divide the dough in half if you use glass refractory), fill with sauce (height of 2 mass fingers and two toes sauce for the “bowls” individual) and cover with the dough . Place parmesan and bake gratin for 10 minutes.

This recipe yields 4 servings. Good appetite!

For orders, minimum of 6 units of 380gr – R$ 60,00