You know that day that nothing can go wrong? Simply ingesting the wrong food hours before or even the lack of food due to the run in the preparations, combined with the simple psychological pressure caused naturally by circumstances, can lead to catastrophic consequences …

Thinking precisely to prevent that something gets out of hand, we prepared together with halls that have structure to provide such comfort to its customers, a menu according to your preferences, always seeking the nutritional and caloric balance even to ensure that the dress will fit at the last minute lol

The options may only include the bride or be extended to the production team, we just make your reservations at least 15 days in advance so that there is time for acquisition of raw materials and if possible, so that it is also scheduled, a preview tasting, usually offered over a make-up test or even in the customer’s home.

The average cost per person is R$50,00, can vary up or down according to the price of the ingredients at the time of the event, after all buy freshly baked especially for the preparation.

Reservations are made by a payment of 50% deposit and 50% after the tasting.