The month of November arrived and with it the heat! The frequency on the beaches increases and with it the need for lighter, fresh foods that help to moisturize the body. A good tip is to enjoy the fruits, vegetables and vegetables of the time: pineapple, acerola, banana-nanica, banana-plata, green coconut, pear-orange, apple, papaya, mango, passion fruit, watermelon, melon; broccoli, chives, endive, fennel, spinach; zucchini, eggplant, beetroot, carrot, yam, gherkin, turnip, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes. A true nutritional wealth!

There are several very good recipes for vegetable milks made with nuts, brown rice, sesame, flaxseed … These are actually the best known, but there is also yams milk, which is in season making it a cheaper option. It is even easy to find it at your organic supplier.

Yams milk lasts two days in the refrigerator because it is a home-made milk with no preservatives, so do not do too much to avoid waste. The vegetable milk carton lasts longer and I am not against its consumption, but because it is an industrialized food, loses some of its original properties, not to mention the preservatives that are added to last longer and end up harming our body.

In Brazil, there are many varieties of roots known as yams, but what really matters is that they all have incredible properties that are good for our health:

– Strengthens the body’s defenses,
– It has anti-inflammatory action,
– It reduces symptoms of PMS and menopause,
– Prevents the accumulation of toxins and fighting free radicals,
– Rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C and B-complex vitamins,
– Rich in iron and magnesium,
– Helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure,
– Increases fertility, among many others.

Yam Milk – Ingredients:

– 1 medium yam
– 2 glasses of drinking water

Method of preparation:

Cook the yam in plenty of water and with the pan uncovered, so the antinutrients are lost in steam and cooking. Drain and dispense cooking water.

Beat the cooked yam with the 2 cups of clean water in the blender. No need to stray and it lasts 2 days in the refrigerator.

Use creativity for a tastier consumption of this milk that is great for those who can not consume lactose and / or dispense the fats from cow’s milk.


– Beat with banana, cinnamon powder and cocoa powder
– Beat with strawberries
– Beat with papaya, chia and linseed

Enjoy your food !

Written matter for the Jornal A Cidade Ubatuba