Composting, as well as recycling, allows organic waste to finalize and renew its cycle in a sustainable way. Aluminum also faced a lot of resistance at the beginning and today, for the most part, people understand the importance of giving it the right destination.

I understand that in the rush we live in today, time is often our greatest enemy. Committing to a new activity does not always seem like a good idea, even because changing habits requires discipline, but I guarantee that the outcome pays off because it is a therapy that will bring benefits to your pocket, your physical, mental, and physical health environment.

There are several ready-made composite kits for sale on the internet, including some even supply California earthworms (which are recommended to do this job), you should just choose the color that most matches your decor. It is also possible to mount with the same efficiency using materials such as dumps, boxes or buckets as long as they have lids, just pick up 3 equal units, fit one into the other and drill small holes in the bottom of the first one, so that the worms will pass For the second quietly and smaller holes in the bottom of the second box as well, to pass only the liquid part of the compound, which is stored in the third box.

The first box is where the earthworms are, which will help in the work of decomposing organic waste. This garbage is made up of leftovers from fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, tea bags (unlabeled), used coffee filters and eggshells. They can even be placed sparingly, scraps of citrus fruits, cooked foods, napkins, paper towel and flowers. Never place meat, lemon, herbs, spices, cheeses, liquids, animal feces, cigarettes, or any substance that could contaminate the compound. Whenever you place leftover food, add the same amount of dried leaves or sawdust to balance the system.

In the second box, the organic compound (fertilizer) from the “work” of the earthworms will be found for correct decomposition of the organic added in the first box.

The third and last box is where the leftover of the good will be. This liquid is rich in nutrients and is free of bacteria, can be used to water the plants, as it serves as fertilizer and pesticide. To make it easier to use, I recommend that you install a small tap (drinking fountain) in this box. If you do not want to use the liquid compost, just use the first two boxes and leave it on the ground.

The compost does not produce odor and does not attract flies or insects, if this happens, there is something wrong.

Attitudes such as these help reduce the volume of landfill waste, generating savings to municipalities; Helps reduce the emission of gases from the slow decomposition in these landfills, it helps the environment.

How to make a Compost? Buy or Build?

When assembling or buying your first compost, care must be observed to ensure the correct functioning of the eco-system that will literally live inside the boxes.


The photo above is a ready composter, this type is already very common in developed countries. Here also we have several models available for purchase in-store or online, even shopping online the product will arrive, most of the time in your home with bright minhoquinhas and hungry inside.

Earthworms are the most important agents so you can process (digest) the organic material to be deposited in the box. It is important to remember that there are specific types of worms to carry out this work, the “Californian” are not the only, but here are the most suitable.


The system is simple, according to the scheme illustrated by the diagram below. It consists of three or more stacked boxes may also be used buckets, jars, cans or other waste materials which can be perfectly fitted each other and have covers to facilitate the feeding or system maintenance.

how the composting works

Formerly used wooden boxes, today we know that wood absorbs moisture and rots can accumulate fungi and other undesirable microorganisms for this purpose.

The First – BOX I (Optional)

This is the box that will be under the entire system, it shall be deposited with the liquid from the completion of the process. Unlike conventional slurry that has an almost unbearable odor and on top is poured on the streets for some common garbage collection companies, MANURE OF WELL as it is also known, received its name because it has no smell at all, it is rich in nutrients and it can be used to spray plants also acting as an effective natural pesticide.

This box is optional, because if you do not want to use the net, just put the BOX 2 directly on the ground, grass, sand, and this liquid will be absorbed naturally, automatically nourishing the vegetation there is around.

The Second – BOX II

Following the first box line of argument, let’s call this box 2 and lol, this box is where you will the end product being deposited, the end result of composting. This box is where you will be able to take a kind of dark earth, very rich in nutrients to their crops, the quantity of those worms in that box is always too small or almost nil because the tendency is they migrate to the (s) box (es) top (s) when the food end, just in search of new food who are being deposited.

This box should have small holes so that the liquid portion can leak into the ground or to the BOX 1 depending on the configuration you chose and also at the top should be slightly larger holes to allow the compound to go falling as they will forming and also to allow earthworms to rise above the boxes as there is no more food “fresh” to them.

The Third – BOX III

This box is the one that sits on top of the system, is where you open the lid to deposit food waste to be decomposed. This box must also have holes in the bottom so that the worms come up in search of these foods when only remaining land in (s) box (es) below.

Nothing prevents you repeat this last process adding more boxes on top of that would be the third and last, accumulating more and more compounds, just do not forget to make the holes to have communication between them, always leaving the last completely capped. Make micro holes close to the edge as vents for ventilation, but care can not be great because they allow the entry of undesirable insects. Anyway, the composting must not exude or no odor to attract insects, if this occurs simply remove the causative element of the system imbalance.



There is a list of foods that can be deposited into your composter, as each of them has different times of decay, on the day you can consult your short list and will gradually get used to know what can and what can not be deposited.


Remains of fruit (moderation when depositing citrus), vegetables, grains, seeds, tea sachets (untagged), corn cobs, coffee filters used and eggshells. cooked food, napkins, paper towels and flowers can also, but always in small quantities.

To balance the system, always use for each portion of fruit, some dried leaves or sawdust, if you have time to poke before depositing will streamline the process and facilitate mixing, but this is not really necessary, the process will happen so slower if you do not sting, but it will happen.


Never put meat, lemon, mate herb, very spicy foods, cheeses, liquids, oils, animal feces, cigarettes or any substance that may contaminate the compound.


I have helped, I’ll be happy to see that your project worked or that you have shared the same ideas before you even read this story, I’ll be happy to add information that perhaps I have forgotten to mention or even correct something I’ve written incorrectly, so do not forget to leave your comment at the bottom.

Written matter for the Newspaper A Cidade Ubatuba