It started 5th September, the Ubatuba Expo Macchine event in Ubatuba Convention Center, a great place to entertain and enjoy some treats at the food court that was set up exclusively with Food Trucks.


The first Food Truck we visited was the staff of the BuraCo. (Hole Hot Food Truck), experienced the snacks with dried beef with ground beef and seasoned potatoes, all very well seasoned and tasty, but what struck me in general was cleaning in the areas of handling and if the hole had even a system to place orders, card machines and custom napkins.


The second we experienced was really what most memorable, a juicy burger titty, provolone cheese on a stick wrapped in bacon, Australian mini-bread and mustard sauce and honey, who makes arrangements will open an exception here … Congratulations care that in all cases was made directly by the owners.


In the square of old cars and motorcycles exhibition, we know the folks at TATA BEER selling imported beers, however we have experienced a wide variety, always find something new that is worth tasting. Ze Luis, happy owner Tata, confessed that he is really enjoying it and that is struggling to organize your schedule to be able to be present at all events and fairs, which in São Paulo are already common. For those who are thinking of undertaking is an option with very low investment, clear this market also runs a great risk of suffering a dento saturation 3-5 years; Or not; Who knows? … Hopefully not right? rsrss


We will return tomorrow to visit La Away Food Truck, the event runs until Monday so you have time to also come to honor.


LAB Burger Food Truck will also get to tomorrow, despite the gray weather, the city is already full and this promises plenty of holiday rush. Congratulations on the initiative of COMTUR.


There were also options for small to enjoy the mini aircraft, space for painting, exhibition of old items and even a Wheeling show in the outdoor area.