The news that the Japanese fans gathered outside the waste from the stands at the Arena Amazonia in Manaus, after the football match between Japan and Nigeria seemed new to many people, but it is not. During the World Cup in Brazil, Arena das Dunas in Natal, they were also provided with their little bags collecting anything that might harm the environment and it infects many Brazilians to comply with that act, so did … It is the example .

Is inserted in the Japanese culture the concept of not harming the environment, to seek new ways to use clean energy, ways to live better, since they live in such a small country, with so many people and need rather live in harmony. Of course anywhere in the world has its exceptions.

The most interesting is that all this was done instinctively, was not an NGO or a leader of any organization, were ordinary people who received a proper education in this sense, so for them no matter who threw garbage on the ground but they could do something about it and simply did the rebound that took the media just makes us reflect on our general values.

We can and must act in a more human way, thinking about the next and the environment. Selective collection is very important for several reasons, but unfortunately it is not a reality in all countries or in all cities. Then we can start with ourselves, without waiting for the government to do something.

Simply discard your aluminum cans in a separate bag, already help (AND MUCH), as dozens of families survive on the money from the sale of aluminum for recycling, end up literally rolling the garbage in search of metal that can be at the same time as disposable for some and so precious to others …

I consider the composter a great suggestion for those who want to start getting rid of organic waste in a proper and sustainable manner and still break, winning a beautiful land full of life for their young plants.

Today there are many kits on the internet ready for mounting your composter even for those who live in apartments. The kit comes in your house with live worms and all you have right, but for those who like to put their hands dirty or who simply do not want to encourage the production of more an industrial plastic product, the assembly process is simple and can It is done with buckets, boxes and various kinds of materials that you will easily find without spending little or nothing about it.

We made compost and rudimentary form in our plantations, but with the advent of the Internet had access to lots of interesting information, such as that there can be no smell at all, if something smells bad or if there are insects of any kind is because you are doing something wrong … lol

Next week I will detail this here and I will publish step by step with pictures on my website and I will also leave some links to facilitate the construction of his new project, hobby, contribution to the planet … Call it what you like, the important it is to put his hand on the ground.

Written matter for the newspaper “A Cidade Ubatuba”