Seasonal is a feature of an event that always occurs at a particular time of year. And every vegetable, vegetable and fruit has its season, its harvest period, which brings two great advantages: the consumption of fresh food, with its characteristics of more uniform color and more accurate taste; And the possibility of savings, since the greater supply usually causes the products to reach the final consumer with lower prices.

In October it is a time of banana silver, green coconut, orange, papaya, watermelon, pumpkin, Italian zucchini, beetroot, onion, carrot, chuchu, tomato, broccoli, endive, spinach, arugula among others.

The options are many, mainly to get away from the traditional and vary the menu, with more and more quality. And for that, today we will enjoy to make an Italian Spaghetti of zucchini.


. 4 medium Italian zucchini (the finer the better)
. 2 garlic cloves
. 2 tablespoons olive oil
. Salt to taste
. Pepper of the kingdom to taste

After leaving the courgettes in a solution of chlorine and water, wash well under running water. It is not necessary to have a pasta cutter to do, if you have better, if not there are some tips:

How to cut 1: Cut the long, thinly cut zucchini with a knife and then cut into thin strips, such as spaghetti.

How to cut 2: Cut the zucchini long on the smooth part of the grater (cut “potato chips”) with a knife, cut into thin strips, like spaghetti.

How to cut 3: If you have a cheese grater, those very wide, you can grate the zucchini long and the spaghetti is ready.

Method of preparation:

After cutting the zucchini in a frying pan heat the olive oil and sauté the garlic, place the zucchini and the seasoning, stir slowly until the zucchini begins to soft, serve still warm. Serves 4 servings.

Although it is already ready to serve and to be delicious like this, you can serve with tomato sauce with carrot, since they are also products of the time and I already published here in the newspaper The CITY and in my site this recipe. Use your imagination, what is worth trying!

Written matter for the newspaper “A Cidade Ubatuba”