… It’s a lifetime!

And the celebration of life is something beautiful, pure and strong as the waves of the sea.

My weekend was like this, surrounded by nature, sounds of birds, noise of the waterfall and laughter that sent me to the happiness of a receptive and full of harmony. All together, willing to celebrate the years of marriage by Dani & Rodolfo, a nice couple of Brazilians, who live in Orlando, Florida-US, but leave their hearts here in our tropical lands. More precisely in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro-BR, where they built charming “spiked” bungalows in a small part of the Serra da Bocaina National Park, which borders the Real road.

In addition you can also experience moments of freedom and total connection with nature, since they are available for rent during a good part of the year, click here to know Vila Agua Guest House Paraty.

In order to welcome the guests, hostess Dani programmed everything in the smallest detail, from the picnic in the waterfall during the afternoon, with the right to a beautiful wicker basket and personalized “bundles” with the name of Water Village, until the desserts made references to their faith.

Chips of Little Manioc (Cassava)

The roasted little manioc chips were part of the menu chosen for the picnic basket.

Shrimp Roll

Just like the Shrimp Roll, snack that is heavily consumed in the US, with shrimp 7 beards and seasoned with Old Bay®. Wonderful seasoning, which I had not yet found here in Brazil and which I won as a “treat” at the end of the event.

Ceviche Peru

For the afternoon snack, the choice was the refreshing Ceviche de Robalo, traditional Peruvian food served with sweet potato chips.

Shelfish Vinagrette

And as the intention was to make the most of the typical caiçaras foods, one of the entrees was the simple and tasty Vinaigrette, prepared by none other than the caiçara Geovane Cabral, who has been part of our team since 2014.

crumbs with dende oil

The dinner was watered with the oil palm, the farofa, the moquecas and the pirão, all prepared in clay pot.

Seafood and Fish Stew

Colorful and intense … Eating with the eyes.

Coconut Custard

Finally, the desserts. Manjar of fresh coconut with plums in syrup and brigadeiros of holy grass.

Yemanja Roses

It was 6 hours of preparation the day before and 10 hours on the day of the event, work that we did with great affection and responsibility.

“Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a single day of your life.”