I am very happy to have participated in the “Four Hands Kitchen Event” in Maori Café dividing the kitchen with my friend Chef Thiago. For those who did not receive the invitation below and want to be informed about upcoming events via e-mail, simply enter your name and email in the side menu and send you a newsletter whenever there are new, there is also the option of following on social networks but the email is actually more efficient.


The atmosphere is very tasty, it is a mini-mall with stores around (Lighthouse Sellers) in Ubatuba’s Old Town, the district name is Itaguá, have a gourmet area in the center of the outdoor mall, which provides a contact with the very active fauna in the region due to the extensive Atlantic Forest still has a very preserved area.


This huge owl and many other birds harmoniously attended the event with us.


We chose to this day as a main dish, the famous Yakisoba, as a rapid preparation dish, super nutritious and delicious. The dish has its origins in Chinese culture, but this recipe especially honed during six years in my restaurants, listening to customer reviews, adapted to our climate and taste … This recipe with ginger is wonderful.


I have known many food critics, depending on their culture, country of origin or even life experiences, they develop opinions and lines of very different thoughts, so whenever I need an unbiased opinion, I observe the reaction of the most sincere trial that there are children and I LOOOOOOVE to see it !


With that little people have no way, they love or hate lol


Move over Grandma, I’ll help you eat this LOL


I was pleased to also know Soraya and Rogéria, members of Muamba Chic stores that also attended the event, if anyone is without spirit, come to chat with Soraya, her high spirits contagious and of course, you will end up buying something lol


Sometimes it makes me to forget that we are working. Look how cute appeared, it must have been the smell good lol


The team beautiful store CAMARIM also honored us, thank you for the compliments Irania Santos surely will do new recipes soon in front of his store.


That was my “office” today staff, fresh produce is the secret of any recipe, congratulations Maori Café (Chef Thiago)


Also passed through here the owners of ALITZAH STORE also very receptive and friendly, the store one you find big brands like Arezzo, Santa Lolla, Raphaella Booz among others, worth the visit worth, all in one place …


Gourmet Place – Stores of the LightHouse, Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP


Then close the service with a flourish, everything went perfectly well, congratulations to the Maori team that proved to be super organized, clean and fast.

Thank you also for the videos that were recorded during the event, I have not had time to edit and convert everyone to publish on the site, but I kept with great care.

A kiss in the heart of all of you, Roberta Manoela