I think everyone has heard something like: Cooking is an act of love … And it’s true.

If cooking is love, the kitchen is the heart, whose function is to “pump life” for the whole complex system composed of people called home. After all, food is what drives us in various form and for many reasons. Just be enjoying or doing, what matters is its value in our daily lives.

I do not follow any diet (vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic etc), but I have some predilections, organic is one. Although not always able to find or withstand some besteirinhas of everyday life, which in my opinion is part of life.

Design, create, or recreate a dish is not always an easy task and appeals to everyone, but it certainly is a pleasure. And I do it for that love and live it.

All proceeds from this site have been made, proven and photographed by me and my family. There have been those who did and did not like, so were not published.

Hope you like it, if you have any suggestions dish for me to do and publish, send me an email, it will be great fill orders. 😉