To me, afternoon tea is synonymous with warmth, welcome, good chat surrounded by people we love. And my happiness was extreme in finding a person who possesses feelings similar to mine about such a meal.


The idea of ??celebrating with a delicious afternoon tea the birth of a project, such as the magazine Conception, and mark the end of a long career was the floral therapist, quantum vibration and homeopath Jacira Bandeira Boeck, who is also a Reichian psychoanalyst, researcher, integrative practices manager, phytotherapist, expert in teas and infusions and administrator of Pedflor medicine and therapies.


A striking project in my career, since from the beginning it was very mutual the need to make this event something quiet, intimate and within responsible standards, ecologically speaking. It is not new that I seek, within what I am allowed, to apply basic and sustainable rules to nature.


The warm teas served were made with fresh fruits such as clove orange and passion fruit with ginger. The cold teas, one of pineapple and the other of mint with lemon grass, both organic from my private garden, were served to guests in the style of Bubble Tea, Bubble Tea, a refreshing drink of Asian origin, which makes it possible to mix tea, fruit and tapioca pearls flavored with mint and whole grape juice.


Cheese breads, natural snacks in baguettes and peach palm pupunha with cherry and basil tomatoes, please all tastes.


We had the pleasure of sharing the buffet of salty snacks with Sylvia Garcia, owner of Patês and Antepastos Artesanais, which served some of their specialties, among them, Hômus with Carrot.


The cake of Erva Cidreira, also organic in my garden, and Orange cake with orange, apricot and ginger syrup, perfumed the atmosphere, leaving a smell of happiness in the air.


The sweetheart of the celebration was undoubtedly coffee. The guests were able to enjoy a classic espresso coffee, which they could choose to sweeten it with a spoonful of fresh chantilly. Not to mention the butterscotch and mini buns, children’s darlings, secret family recipe I learned from my mother. The cups and straws were carefully chosen, all from recyclable materials to give more visibility to the importance of reuse and recycle.


In order to finish an event already so full of flavor, I had the illustrious presence of a specialist friend in Brigadiers, Anna Karina, who left everyone surprised with the delicious orange brigadiers with Apricot and Nuts.

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